Kristina Derby Consulting is a small, but rapidly growing, marketing and website design consulting firm based on the East Coast of the United States, but serving clients around the world.

  • We are strongly focused on staying “ahead of the curve” in regards to technology, psychology, and methodology.
  • We are huge believers in Dr. David Rock’s SCARF model of human behavior, and are extremely excited about current advances in neuroscience.
  • Our small firm loves to hire consultants who are new to their fields, but dedicated to perfecting their crafts and growing their client lists.
  • We believe that businesses should create positive change in the world while simultaneously giving our clients great value for their money, and allowing our internal team to earn a good and fair wage.
  • Our contractors and clients come from both inside and outside of the United States. Our focus is on building the best team we can while keeping our prices as affordable as possible.
  • We absolutely cherish diversity. Our friends and relatives can be found throughout the entire globe, on every continent (except, perhaps, Antarctica, but we love the folks there, too).
  • We are not afraid to use smiley faces–:)–in our communications with clients and internal team members. Life should be fun, and, since work is a big part of life, that should be no exception to this rule!